Insurance for Your Home

Your house is probably your most important asset and an important part of being a homeowner is protecting that investment by purchasing homeowner's insurance. It will allow coverage for your home both inside and out by providing compensation for losses to your house and your possessions. It can also safeguard you if you are responsible for someone's injuries on the property. Being an independent agent, we can offer you a range of coverage from different carriers to find the policy that's right for you.


Insurance for Your Rental

It’s important to protect your personal property while living in a rental home or apartment. Renters insurance can protect you from loss due to unforeseen circumstances and instances such as fire, theft, and water damage that your landlord's policy does not provide. You can't depend on coverage from their policy to cover your possessions because they only cover the building structure, not your personal property. It includes the financial protection you will need should your personal property be destroyed or stolen, plus liability protection should someone suffer injury in your residence.


Insurance for Your Car

With all of the different insurance companies you can choose from today, it can be a challenge to find the coverage you need at an affordable price. Unlike captive agents that are limited to offering only one company's insurance products, we are an independent agent. We have access to a multitude of reputable insurance carriers offering a broad array of coverages tailored to your individual needs. From there we can compare rates/coverage and perform a comprehensive one-on-one review of your insurance policy so we can provide you with the best possible value.


Insurance for Your Boats & Watercraft

We have specialized watercraft programs available to meet all of your coverage needs from personal watercraft all the way up to yachts and larger vessels. Your boat or personal watercraft may not be eligible to be insured under your homeowner's policy; therefore, you'll need watercraft insurance to cover it. These coverages go beyond what's normally covered in a homeowner's policy to include more specialized coverages such as on-water towing and uninsured boaters' coverage. Wreckage removal and personal effects and belongs coverage is also available. You can enjoy yourself more knowing that you and your passengers as well as your investment are protected.


Insurance for Your Recreational Vehicles

When embarking on your next journey, family vacation, or adventure, you'll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing your RV/Motor Home/Travel Trailer is covered. Much more than a typical auto policy, an RV policy can provide you with coverage you might need like vacation liability, full-timer's emergency expense, and replacement costs on your personal effects. We have specialized motorcycle coverage available for all types of bikes, cycles, and cruisers. Choosing the coverage that is right for you is important, and we offer many policy options that can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Our companies offer a wide variety of motorcycle insurance coverage including: bodily injury, property damage liability, medical payments, comprehensive and collision, roadside assistance, accessory coverage for your motorcycle's custom parts, and more! Actual cash value or agreed value coverage is available for several types of personalized bikes. Whether for work or pleasure, ATVs offer the versatility to take you where you want to go and you'll need coverage that goes with you. Trail Riders, Hunters, Ranchers, and Off-Road Enthusiasts need the proper ATV coverage to protect themselves, as well as their investment. Your homeowner's policy may not cover you or your passengers if you operate your ATV on property other than your own. Coverage available includes bodily injury and property damage liability. 


Life & Health Insurance

Life insurance products are designed to protect your family and provide for them when it matters most. You'll have peace of mind knowing that all of your assets and hard work will be preserved and passed on to your loved ones. With numerous options available from term life to universal life policies, we can help you find the right policy to fit your needs now and down the road.


Personal Umbrella Insurance

What would happen if a neighbor or someone visiting you were to slip and fall on your property and decided to sue? Would your current auto and homeowner's liability limits be enough to cover a large ruling by a court in their favor? In today's society many legal judgments can often reach higher than those limits leaving you responsible to pay the difference, that's why you may need a personal umbrella policy. Simply put, a personal umbrella policy picks up where the rest of your personal insurance leaves off by adding excess liability coverage up to $1,000,000 and more.